Kennox Supports

NCI is a think tank that offers an independent, expert voice in the debate over the future of financial regulation.

Founded in 2010, NCI counts amongst its members some of the leading independent asset management firms in the City and continent. The NCI gives a voice to independent, owner-managed firms that are entirely focused on and aligned with the interests of clients and investors.

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The Forum’s purpose is to position stewardship at the heart of the investment decision-making by facilitating dialogue, creating long-term solutions and enhancing value.

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Kennox is a founding member of the Library and an ongoing supporter of its initiatives and activities.

The Library of Mistakes exists to allow students, professionals and members of the general public to study financial history to understand how finance has worked, rather than how it should work if key unrealistic assumptions are made. By studying financial history we hope to improve financial understanding one mistake at a time.

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With its aim of ‚Äúraising aspirations and confidence in young women across Scotland”, Future Asset is an inspiring organisation Kennox is proud to support.

Encouraging young women to choose ambitious career paths in asset management, the organisation is pursuing real change through its positive social initiatives. By emphasising skills development and opportunity, they are fostering inclusion within the industry that is long-term and sustainability focused. For more information about Future Asset please go to