Thinking Aloud

When we believe that we have something of interest to say, we write papers that offer a different perspective on an issue or conventional wisdom. We call this Thinking Aloud.

Do valuations matter?

2018 saw the passing of a giant in the fund management industry, John Bogle of The Vanguard Group ...Read more

Quality & Sustainable Earnings

Exceptional returns are to be made from buying quality assets inexpensively. We invest when we find…Read more

Market Distortions

Given the distortions we are seeing in the markets, we think that the outlook for value is very good...Read more

Energy and Global Demand

Energy, particularly speculation on the future of renewables and electric cars...Read more

Why (Don’t We) Own the Banks?

We were very privileged recently to attend a talk by Dave Jones, the former CFO of Northern Rock...Read more

Stewardship Responsibilities

Kennox takes its management and stewardship responsibilities seriously. As such, we believe it is...Read more

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