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Kennox is an independent global equities investment manager based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Our sole focus is the Kennox Strategic Value strategy, a high conviction portfolio launched by our investment team in 2007.

We are active value investors and think only long-term. Our independence gives us the genuine ability to do this – a key advantage in a market driven by often counter-productive short-termism. We briefly discuss our investment philosophy, approach and process in Kennox Value. Our views on a wide variety of investment topics can be found in Thinking Aloud which gives a good insight into how we see the world.

Our straightforward but highly focused approach leaves us free from unnecessary distractions, and ensures that we are optimally placed to deliver attractive, risk adjusted, long-term investment returns.

With full belief in our approach naturally we are investors in the strategy, happy to be fully aligned with our clients

The strategy can be accessed either through our UK registered Fund or by segregated account. If of interest, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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The Company is based in Scotland, UK with the above registered address (Registered Number: SC302037).

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