Uncovering Value

We are searching for hidden gems – the highest quality companies at excellent valuations. Real opportunities are rare. We know exactly what we’re looking for and our rigorous and repeatable process allows us to efficiently uncover these companies.

Start with the largest opportunity set

We are wholly unconstrained in our search for value – not restricted by geography, sector or company size. Our effective investment universe is over 30,000 companies.

Consistently generate investment possibilities

Investment ideas come from our systematic screening process, from the world at large and from the portfolio itself.

Quickly eliminate the unsuitable

Our proprietary analytical tools are ruthless in rapidly eliminating all companies that do not meet our valuations and quality criteria. These tools help us to quickly identify the very few companies that may represent real opportunities and justify intensive research.

…Leaving maximum time to research real possibilities

When a real opportunity does emerge, we carry out as much detailed research as is necessary to give us conviction that we have found an excellent investment. If we are unable to achieve the conviction necessary we move on.

Ensure risk is diversified

For a stock to be included, it must add real individual value without duplicating existing areas of risk within the portfolio. This means looking through the traditional metrics (geography, sector, company size) and focusing on what makes a company tick, its underlying profit drivers – ensuring the profit drivers across the portfolio are not inadvertently correlated, but properly diversified.

Buy only on full conviction

Full conviction allows us to introduce companies to the portfolio as sizeable holdings – we have made newly introduced companies our largest portfolio holdings within weeks of introduction.



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