Kennox Value – Sustainable Quality and Effective Risk Focus
Asset TV

In times of uncertainty, diversification is key. Value has a place in any well-balanced portfolio. We sat down with Asset TV to discuss value, our risk-focused approach and the diversification we expect to deliver.

Value Investing Master Class – Kennox Asset Management
Asset TV

Charles L Heenan, Investment Director, participated in a well-received value investing master class hosted by Asset TV. Covering the key topics facing investors today, Charles discussed the unique differentiation that value offers, current opportunities and the need to think longer-term than a market driven by the most recent news cycle.

Kennox Value Philosophy
Asset TV

Our investment directors, Charles L Heenan and Geoff Legg, sat down with Asset TV to discuss the Kennox value philosophy, the advantages of a focussed, boutique approach, and why our ability to take a long-term view provides Kennox with an advantage over a market driven by short-termism.


Market Distortions Create Opportunity – Charles L Heenan
6th London Value Investor Conference

Kennox was delighted to be invited back to speak at the internationally recognised London Value Investor Conference. An excellent value investing forum, Charles L Heenan (Investment Director) discussed the fundamentals of the Kennox value approach, focussing on Sustainable Earnings and Quality against the backdrop of opportunities that are being created in the current market.


If you would like to read Market Distortions Create Opportunity, please visit Thinking Aloud 

The Joys of Pessimism – Charles L Heenan
3rd London Value Investor Conference

The London Value Investor Conference is an internationally recognised European value investing forum which attracts speakers of the highest calibre. As past attendees, Kennox was pleased to have been invited to address the conference.

In a well-received talk on The Joys of Pessimism, Charles Heenan, Kennox Investment Director, spoke about our investment philosophy and how conviction is achieved prior to investing.


If you would like to read the Joys of Pessimism, it is available here: The Joys of Pessimism