Thinking Aloud

When we believe that we have something of interest to say, we write papers that offer a different perspective on an issue or conventional wisdom. We call this Thinking Aloud.

Why (Don’t We) Own the Banks?

We were very privileged recently to be able to attend a talk given by Dave Jones, the former CFO of Northern Rock...Read more

Stewardship Responsibilities

Kennox takes its management and stewardship responsibilities seriously. As such, we believe it is...Read more

Excessive CEO Remuneration

Equities are an attractive asset class, particularly at a time when the world is travelling...Read more

The Joys of Pessimism

I’m a pessimist. I see the down side in everything – gloom and doom everywhere, pitfalls and traps...Read more

Effective Decision Making

It is well known in the industry that investment research is an integral part of a strong investment process...Read more

The Uncertainty Principle

We at Kennox have serious concerns that new regulations and laws are being written at present which add...Read more

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